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Actor, Writer, Musician

Hey, how's it going?

     My name is Adam Alpert and I’m an actor, writer, and musician based out of NYC. Born and raised in the Metro Detroit area, it was only in the last few years I decided to relocate to New York for college. 


     Prior to my metropolitan move, I grew up always connected to the arts in some way. As a single-digit kid, my mom, dad, and older brother heavily influenced me musically. My brother piqued my interest in music production by watching him listen to and create rap and electronic music, while my dad’s love for funk, soul, and jazz seeped deep into my brain, enough to take up piano and drum lessons. My mom’s angelic voice was always reverberating gospel through the house; luckily some of her skill rubbed off. 


     With varied tastes, film was always a source of togetherness, joy, and serenity for my family. Those early memories of watching Chris Farley, Eddie Murphy, Harry Potter, and Fast & Furious cultivated a strong curiosity that finally clicked when I first had the privilege to act on set as a 10-year-old. I spent a lot of time acting in short films with frequent collaborators and doing local and national commercials, all while growing up and figuring out other things I enjoyed. Those activities included poetry and a strong devotion to soccer, ending high school on a high note with a state championship.

     I moved to NYC to start at Columbia University, where I poked around at interests like philosophy, economics, and film before landing on creative writing. The program gave me a penchant for short stories and lyricism, ultimately preparing me for my first feature-length screenplay (which I’m plugging away at now). At school, I spent a lot of time in an acapella group that traveled the globe to perform, I acted in experimental theatre and university-backed short films, and I became SAG-Eligible with a booking on Comedy Central’s Detroiters

     In 2022, I took over 250 hours of classes with coaches from Stella Adler Studio and T. Schreiber Studio, and about six months ago, I quit my day job. Since, I’ve been lucky enough to star in a short, book three commercials, do a run of a play, and film 25 scenes in my first feature! When I get a moment of downtime, you can catch me making beats, blastin’ the skins, cooking new dishes, skating in the park, or mashing buttons on my PlayStation controller.


Hope to talk soon!



Thank you!

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