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Film, tv, web & New media


The Pregnancy Promise | Supporting | Lifetime Network

Detroiters | Co-Star | Comedy Central

The Fourth Friend | Main | Dir. Zoe Simone

The Piano Boy | Main | Dir. Ethan Rosenberg

Quarter-Corn | Guest Star | Columbia University

Taffy, Cigarettes | Main | University of Michigan

R. Stern | Supporting | Dir. Ted Houser

The Tooth Fairy | Supporting | University of Michigan

Diagnosis: Terror | Supporting | Dir. Andrew Morse

Remote | Supporting | Dir. Talley Murphy


Sundown Town | Lead | Abrons Arts Center

AMERICAN MU$CLE | Supporting | Teatro LATEA

Schoolhouse Rock | George | Sky's The Limit Productions

Latenite Theatre | Various Roles | Columbia University

A Day at the Movies | Various Roles | Sky's The Limit Productions


Lex Williams |

New Project Coming Soon

Not A Word

Pizmon | Tenor Singer

Alpine Sight | Drummer

Special Skills

Piano, Drums, Vibraphone, Singing, Rapping, Music Producing, Skateboarding, Soccer, Track, Long Jump, Judo, Fencing, Driving

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